Poem: New York



Vilify me.

Remove my organs.

Make love to me.

Hide the heart.

My blood is pounding.

A waterfall against my ventricles.

Thicken the sentiment,

maybe it will stick

and my body will work properly again.

Where did the falsity come from?

Feeling in a place overpopulated

is as useless as breathing over the dead sea.

Deprived of Oxygen.

Starving for Love.



A Year Ago

A year from today I was packing my things for New York City. Here are a few images of my first month there that I never posted. They are Fall beginning, and this year I won’t have a fall, and I won’t be in Brooklyn. I’ll be in Asia. Here’s to New York. NYC_post01









NYC_post11 NYC_post12

Sandy in Red Hook + Dumbo

Sandy_repost01These images are the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, primarily in neighborhoods Red Hook and Dumbo in Brooklyn, NY. They were taken this afternoon 10/30 after the flooding had subsided and the residents of the affected areas were able to begin to put things back in order. I talked to people about their main concerns, which varied from electrical problems, damaged furniture, ruined car motors, and for a homeless man, the health of his cats. Oil coated the ground in some areas, every house had a pump transferring water from basements to gutters, and electrical wires sagged too low for comfort, but Red Hook appears to be in recovery mode. I rode my bike into Manhattan, but it was simply deserted near the water and I wanted to photography a neighborhood, people interacting, solving, offering empathy.

Sandy_repost02 Sandy_repost03 Sandy_repost04 Sandy_repost05 Sandy_repost06 Sandy_repost07 Sandy_repost08 Sandy_repost09 Sandy_repost10 Sandy_repost11 Sandy_repost12 Sandy_repost13 Sandy_repost14 Sandy_repost15 Sandy_repost16 Sandy_repost17 Sandy_repost18 Sandy_repost19 Sandy_repost20