The Library


Poem: Snapped                                                                                                                                                                               Today I glimpsed the beauty of a fracture within a perfect line.        It perplexed me, then it was like Angelic gauze protecting the fragile parts of my mind.           The naturalness in imperfection that dawned on me was the definition of beauty undressed, undone, and straight from the birth of it’s self.       This crack in the immaculate plane, a geometric tragedy that that put my brain back together and allowed it to compete evenly with my heart in the decision making of where this body will be tomorrow and what this voice will say.      This break is my remedy.        I will remember the way it appeared.  With no notice.  Small yet vexing.    Insignificant,   then prodigious in my perception.     Perfection in the defaults.      Hope. 





Yosemite in Black and White


Last month I graduated. After three years in Southern California, I have my degree and I am done with the West Coast for a while. Before leaving the vast, diverse terrain of California I had a few stops to make. Yosemite was the first. Each morning the crows above my tent woke me up around 6am and I ventured into the dense forrest around me. The river was crystal, and cold, the air fresh and the people friendly. It was an adventure of pleasure and pain, and I will never forget it.