Shek-O Coast

      Shek_O_08      If you take a bus towards Shek-O, the semi-fancy beach town on the South East side of Hong Kong Island, you will pass numerous signs for small villages dotting the windy coastal road. These signs ignited my curiosity, so I jumped off the bus a few stops before Shek-O and made my way down a steep incline to the tiny village of Lan Nai Wan Tsuen.

     An irrigation trail lining the coast led me past abandoned homes covered in Banyan roots and meagre spray paint. The only other people I saw was a group of men working for the irrigation dept. fixing a pipe and an elderly couple watching over the town temple – the only well-preserved building to speak of.

     There were signs of a life left behind, surf boards and kayaks decaying beside the cracked cement docks, small buildings being taken over by Mangrove, the mattresses still inside the rooms. The place seemed to have been abandoned in an instant, yet a few simple houses across the bay were clearly still occupied – dogs on the roof, smoke coming from the backyard, and a flourishing garden irrigated by the nearby stream.Shek_O_02Shek_O_03Shek_O_04Shek_O_05Shek_O_06Shek_O_07Shek_O_01

市容 CityScape

HK_City_01     1,223 skyscrapers                                                                                                                                  Thirty-six of the world’s 100 tallest residential buildings                                                            More buildings taller than 500 feet [150 m] than any other city                                                    More people in Hong Kong live or work above the 14th floor than anywhere else on Earth,  making it the world’s most vertical city.                                                                                              HK  from my eyes November 2 – 7.HK_City_02 HK_City_03 HK_City_04 HK_City_05 HK_City_06 HK_City_07 HK_City_08 HK_City_09 HK_City_10