Nan Lian


     Nan Lian in Diamond Hill is an ideal traditional Chinese garden with immaculately kept grounds, golden roofed temples, and a tea house that sits over a quaint pond adorned in Lilly pads. I went to the garden just before sunset, as the light was streaming in perfectly, lightly dusting every surface with gold. I haven’t taken photographs  of anything other than people in a while, and this was the perfect place to stray from that and go back to the way I shot when I was younger, with a simple sense of wonder towards my surroundings, not exactly looking for a moment but rather for a composition that was interesting to me all on its own.


Butchart Gardens

Canada_Post01This is Butchart Gardens, the lovely place where my mother wouldn’t get out of the car when she was my age. She told my aunt, “It’s too bourgeois.” Now, she has taken me here on a 24 mile bike ride to see these charming landscapes that are in fact somewhat bourgeois, but I don’t mind. It is a garden none-the-less, and vibrantly inviting.Canada_Post02Canada_Post03Canada_Post04Canada_Post05Canada_Post06Canada_Post07Canada_Post08Canada_Post10Canada_Post11Canada_Post13Canada_Post14

Marjorelle Palace

Marrakech, Morocco.

I’m not sure that it’s technically a Palace, but I think this place deserves the name. Originally home to French Painter Jaques Marjorell, then Fashion Designer Yves St. Laurent; the palace is now where Laurent’s partner, French businessman Pierre Berger resides. The blue painted throughout the garden earned Jaques his own color: Marjorelle Blue.