Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls was a powerful sight. My fingers were numb with cold in what seemed like seconds but I forgot about them trying to find the angle from which I wanted to portray this massive beauty. It was strange in Winter. Doug, Rocko, and I seemed to be a few of the only living things around. This was the last place we went in NY, from here we crossed into Canada. 














Butchart Gardens

Canada_Post01This is Butchart Gardens, the lovely place where my mother wouldn’t get out of the car when she was my age. She told my aunt, “It’s too bourgeois.” Now, she has taken me here on a 24 mile bike ride to see these charming landscapes that are in fact somewhat bourgeois, but I don’t mind. It is a garden none-the-less, and vibrantly inviting.Canada_Post02Canada_Post03Canada_Post04Canada_Post05Canada_Post06Canada_Post07Canada_Post08Canada_Post10Canada_Post11Canada_Post13Canada_Post14

Victoria, BC

Canada_Post21     This was my first time to Canada, and it quickly became one of the most enjoyable places I have ever been. We rode a ferry from Seattle to Victoria, then to Salt Spring Island to the lovely town of Ganges – where I put down my camera and my mother, brother and I went kayaking, hiking, and biking for three days. Every person I met in Canada was extremely welcoming. A guy I met at a video story told me his tale of adventuring from South BC through Yukon Country to Alaska, and it sounded like driving into a gorgeous, natural past. Maybe next summer that’s where I’ll be.Canada_Post20Canada_Post19Canada_Post18Canada_Post17Canada_Post16Canada_Post15Canada_Post14Canada_Post13Canada_Post12Canada_Post11Canada_Post10Canada_Post09Canada_Post05Canada_Post03Canada_Post02Canada_Post