Brunch with Ayalet


Now and then on Sundays on Lamma Island, a very special aroma of cardamom and pomegranate fills the air of the overgrown patio of Ayalet and Jack’s home. I was recently fortunate enough to experience the richness and flavor of Ayalet’s Israeli home cooking in a multi-course family style brunch.

My other half and I met a few other guests on the way to Ayalet’s, winding down a narrow path along Lamma’s less visited North coast. When we arrived we were greeted with iced tea served in small intricately painted cups and a ragged soccer ball being nudged at our feet by Ayalet’s enthusiast pup. Dishes of fresh hummus, labneh, and onion bread still warm from the oven began to fill the table as Jack poured kava for the guests.

When the shakshuka came to the table, Ayalet and Jack joined us. The nine of us sat around the table enjoying one another’s company, the exquisite fare and strong Turkish coffee. Before we knew it, five hours had gone by and it was time to take the ferry back to Central. I grabbed a second ma’amoul (a small cookie filled with dried fruit) and began the walk back to Yung Shue Wan with the rest of the guests. It was an authentic, relaxing, and delicious experience, and I look forward to the next time.