The Oregon Country Fair

OFC_Select_01   A few weeks ago I jumped on the Starlight train down to Eugene to attend the rather other-worldly Oregon Country Fair. I met up with my friend Matthew Rowe who was writing and reciting poetry all weekend, and threw my things in his tawny Volkswagon van, our small sanctuary throughout the festival.          People dawned outrageous costumes, or often hardly any clothing at all. Music streamed from each of the many stages, and performance art filled the empty spaces along the figure eight path that lined the fair. When I wasn’t photographing I had the pleasure of spending my time with two lovely ladies who called themselves Peep and Tom. As a Fair virgin, they made sure I was aware of and involved in the best parts of the weekend, from the sunrise baseball game to the wedding in the Labyrinth that I couldn’t quite stay awake for. OFC_Select_02 OFC_Select_03 OFC_Select_04OFC_Select_05 OFC_Select_06 OFC_Select_07 OFC_Select_08OFC_Select_09 OFC_Select_10OFC_Select_11 OFC_Select_12 OFC_Select_13OFC_Select_14 OFC_Select_15 OFC_Select_16 OFC_Select_17 OFC_Select_18OFC_Select_19 OFC_Select_20OFC_Select_21 OFC_Select_22OFC_Select_23 OFC_Select_24