Hungary: Our last day

Budapest_Last01  On my last day in Hungary Emilia took me to the “tourist market” where we abstained from purchasing anything, and simply observed. We had done our shopping already at a more traditional market where I tried all kinds of Hungarian treats like Lángos: essentially fried dough with fresh garlic and my favorite, Pogácsa: a scrumptious bite sized biscuit with cheese and often potato mixed into the dough. About two hours outside of Budapest we stopped in the smaller city of Szeged, which was comparatively quaint and busting with students from the University. Szeged is famous for it’s Halászlé, otherwise known as Fishermen’s Soup. At the best restaurant in town, we split a large bowl of the delicious scarlet colored soup. The waiter gave us large red bibs, which I donned unabashedly after Amelia explained the tradition. Still in sight of the Serbian border, Emilia and I switched seats, and I entered a Eastern Europe country in the drivers seat for the first time. Budapest_Last02Budapest_Last02 Budapest_Last03 Budapest_Last05Budapest_Last04    Budapest_Last07Budapest_Last09Budapest_Last08Budapest_Last11Budapest_Last14Budapest_Last12Budapest_Last13Budapest_Last17Budapest_Last15Budapest_Last18Budapest_Last16