Obstruction Point

HurricaneRidgePost01  Most Summers my brother and I visit my father, and the three of us take a hike at Olympic National Park in Western Washington. This year we hiked the OP trail. Obstruction point is one of the less visited areas with a stunning view of Mt. Olympus because it is 8m up a steep dirt road off the paved and popular Hurricane Ridge. Obstruction point is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been, even with mountain half covered in clouds, otherwise we’d have been able to see the ocean expanding past Port Angeles towards Victoria, BC.HurricaneRidgePost02HurricaneRidgePost03HurricaneRidgePost04HurricaneRidgePost05HurricaneRidgePost06HurricaneRidgePost07HurricaneRidgePost08HurricaneRidgePost09HurricaneRidgePost10HurricaneRidgePost11